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Ghost Show Shirt and Print Combo Preorder

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Hello friends,

We’re proud to introduce our first new shirt of 2019! Based on our obsession of Spook Show and our love of weird history, we created the Fox Sisters Ghost Show !

Who are the Fox Sisters?

While we don’t want to give away all their secrets, the Fox SIsters were considered by some to be the first Spiritualism celebrities.

The sisters were believed to live a haunted house and after creating a way to communicate to the spirit through knocking, these mediums would start talking with the dead and preform seances for the curious public.

For more information on this interesting trio, give them a google.

Printed on super soft Bella Canvas shirts with discharge ink, you’ll be frightened by how good these shirts feel. Don’t be scared though, to make these deal even better, we included a detailed 9x12 cardstock print of the Seance show.

Over the next week or so, we’ll be finalizing the printing date, so act fast! The best way to guarantee your favorite size it to preorder AND they’re even on sale for a limited time.

Any questions of comments, feel free to message us through the site.


-Pickled Punks team

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