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Catozoology Coloring Book


Hello friends!

After years of traveling around the country and promising a Cat coloring book…the time has come. Introducing Catozoology : A Meowsterious Feline Coloring Book. See hairy abominations like…

The Catsquatch! Catus! The Mothmeown (of Point Pleasant) , Smarty Cat, Pegapus and more! 20 purrfect cat creatures, all for your viewing pleasures!

For a limited time, we’ll be offering our newest coloring book ON SALE at our special convention price. Grab one fast, because like the mythical Catalope, this sale will disappear in a flash!

All orders will ship in 1 to 2 weeks. We got our proofs and want to do some slight editing before we do the actual run. Any questions feel free.

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